CFDM in english

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CFDM in english

CFDM means "French Cup of Distance flight with paraMotors".
It is a private initiative. It is free.

Basically it is a flight challenge for powered paragliders based on cumulated distance (also called "cross-country") :

Each time you get a paramotor flight homologated, the distance in kilometer is added to your yearly score.
To get a flight homologated you need to use a GPS and provide trace data (any file format accepted).

The type of paramotor doesn't matter. Any paramotor is welcome : tandem, foot launch, trike.

The "championship" is the main challenge : every flight counts.
A team ranking is also established. Team = up to 4 pilots.
There is also a "cup" based on 3 longest flights of each pilot.
See here :

The homologation rules are simple and fun :

- No FAI triangles here. The distance that counts for ranking and homologation is the length of the corrected convex hull of your GPS trace.
Convex hull is very easy to understand : imagine a rubber band around your trace. This is the convex hull.
 Now substract the distance between your initial take-off and final landing and you get the corrected convex hull.

CFDM in english 16082011

- As you guessed it, there is no need to land where the take-off took place (e.g. you don't need to close your track).
  For example, a straight flight can get homologated.

- Your corrected convex hull must exceed 40 km.

- We accept foreign pilots, but sorry guys, one point of the trace must be located on the french territory.

- Last but not least : you are allowed to land and take-off again within a range of 1000 m as many times as you want.
 In other words : refuelling is allowed.

More reasons for CFDM to be so popular among french PPG pilots :

- You don't need to register to any website, just send your trace by e-mail.

- Cool feature : CFDM calculates the average airspeed by extracting wind speed and direction from your flight data, as variometers do.
  Let's find out the real performance of your wing and flying style.

This all looks simple, but it is very addictive for PPG pilots and brings most of us to improve skills, such as :
navigation, mechanics, weather forecast, digital knowledge, wing handling skills, radio knowledge, regulations...

If you have any question, please feel free to register on this site and post your questions below.
If you don't want to register, you can also find a Facebook link on the main page and send a private message there.

Example of homologation report :
CFDM in english 22_fin26

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